BRUTHEN Lions Club (Inc)

District 201V3, Victoria, Australia

Bairnsdale Show 2017

Bruthen Lions attended Bairnsdale Show again this year to keep the hungry hordes well fed with fresh tasty donuts and popcorn.  We were pleased to have our local constabulary drop by the stall to say hello.

Welcome to the Bruthen Lions Club in Australia

Here's a glimpse of our club working in partnership with our local community.  We are a vibrant rural club with a growing membership.  We have a wonderful mix of personalities in our newly reformed club and welcome you to participate in any of our activities as they are open to everyone.  The average age of our club members is 54.

We all enjoy making positive contributions in our local community in a fun and colaborative way as we serve the Bruthen and surrounds through random acts of community service, support and participation in local events. 

We understand life is very busy with family, work and other responsibilities however we welcome and encourage any community minded folk who would like to share some of your leisure time with us volunteering whenever you are available.

Join us in making our communities and the world better places to live.

Becoming a Lion

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